The goal of JK Daily Money Management is to keep our clients financially organized, allowing them to focus on what’s truly important in their lives. We will assess your particular circumstances during our initial consultation and then develop a service plan to best satisfy your needs.


Below is just a sampling of the services that JK Daily Money Management can provide:

  • Review and pay bills in a timely manner, thereby avoiding any late fees or finance charges
  • Identify and resolve any billing errors
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Monitor and reconcile credit card statements
  • Negotiate with third-party vendors and/or creditors
  • Reconcile brokerage/investment statements
  • Track income and expenses and provide periodic reporting
  • Review medical bills and follow up with providers to resolve any discrepancies
  • Prepare, submit, and monitor medical and other insurance claims
  • Review insurance company Explanation of Benefits forms to ensure that claims have been paid properly
  • Organize financial documents in preparation of tax filing
  • Collaborate with your accountant, attorney, and financial advisor as needed

Please call us at 646-924-5605 or click here to set up your no-cost, initial consultation. All inquiries will be kept confidential.